Product Care

How do I care for my jewelry?

As a best practice, we recommend storing your items in a lined jewelry box.

For Stainless Steel and other non-precious metals: Polishing can be done gently with a soft cloth and a puff of hot air (like fogging up a mirror). We do not recommend harsh jewelry cleaners or polishing cloths designed for sterling silver when caring for stainless steel or other metals. 

For Sterling Silver and other precious metals: Sterling Silver items should only be cleaned with proper sterling cleaning solutions or cloths. You can buy these at most department store jewelry counters or jewelry stores. It is important to note that Sterling Silver does tarnish over time when exposed to the air. This is due do the alloy metals (usually copper) mixed with the pure silver to give it strength suitable for jewelry making. This is normal and to be expected. Silver polishing devices will bring the shine right back.

When in doubt, a soft cloth is your best friend.

Be sure not to expose your jewelry to chemical cleaning agents or other abrasive liquids and creams as we cannot be sure how all substances will react with the metals. This can include lotions, perfumes, etc. We recommend putting your jewelry on after you have finished your getting-ready routine.